Summertime Safety

by | Jul 25, 2017 | Pet Services

 Summer is often associated with a time for fun outdoor activity, but in Santa Clarita our extreme temperatures can often be hazardous. Always remember that unlike us, dogs are unable to sweat and they rely heavily on panting to lower their body temperature. However, panting becomes less effective the hotter their environment becomes. Remember that young, elderly, or sick pets are more likely to become dehydrated or otherwise ill from prolonged heat exposure. If a severe heat advisory is in effect it is a good idea to bring your pets indoors.
Pets that spend most of the day inside are protected from many warm weather hazards, but only if the temperature inside the home remains cool. Remember that when temperatures outside reach dangerous levels, temperatures inside can too, especially when owners are gone and turn the air conditioning off. Instead of turning it off completely, consider leaving it on a conservative but comfortable setting. Keep plenty of fresh water available and ensure that your pets have access to the cooler parts of your house.
Pets that go outside need even more protection from hot weather, including ample water and shade. However, dogs should always have the option of coming inside to reduce the chances of heatstroke. Try to avoid walking your dog during the hottest hours of the day, and consider taking shorter walks. Many people forgot just how hot asphalt and concrete can become, even after the sun has gone down, causing thermal damage to the paw pads of dogs. Consider trying to walk on areas of dirt or grass instead. And of course, never leave a pet inside a car during a warm or hot day. The temperature inside a car can increase by 30 to 40 degrees in a very short time.
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