Christmas and Worker’s Compensation Insurance Merry Christmas!

by | Nov 27, 2017 | Home & Garden

 I have owned my business for 25 years. I know how hard my employees work and I try very hard to keep them from lifting so much weight that they damage their backs. I have done the work myself for years and know how much it can wear a body out at the end of the day. I have empathy and appreciation for my workers. They have been with me for years. Because I carry Worker’s Compensation Insurance, if they are injured, they have medical and income coverage for life. I pay a lot of money to have worker’s compensation and wouldn’t dream of putting a fellow human in a position where they don’t have it. I view it not as a business but as a moral issue. Maybe my position is reflective of the fact that I’m a woman, a mother, and a grandmother. I care about the well being of people, especially my people.
Only hire companies that treat their employees this way. Do you want the largest moving object in your house (and often the heaviest) installed by a sub par company that shirks its duty in paying worker’s comp? What kind of installation will you get?
Engineers design garage doors, metallurgists determine the composition of the metal which determines the durability of the garage door. But the front line garage door installer is the one that executes the job. Good craftsmanship is what you want. A well installed garage door will last a lifetime, a bad one only a few years. It’s the installer that makes the difference. It’s the installer that plays the crucial role in determining the life of the door.
There is so much economic evidence that when we take care of the front line worker, we take care of ourselves. The economy is stabilized and everybody’s happy. You don’t have to pay a premium to hire a conscientious company, just check to see that they have legal employees who are covered by worker’s comp. In California it’s the law. Our employees are protected, you are protected, and you don’t have to pay more, you just have to be aware and be kind.
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