Stop Nagging and Start Cheering with The Octopus Watch

by | Nov 27, 2017 | Education

 Are you tired of constantly reminding the kids to feed the dog, brush their teeth, or get ready for school?
With the award-winning Octopus Watch, you can teach your kids personal responsibility without feeling like you’re stuck on repeat.
The Octopus Watch by JOY is the first icon-based watch that helps kids learn good habits and the concept of time.
It’s so successful at motivating young minds because it manages to turn everyday chores–like getting dressed or using the potty–into quick games. Kids can’t resist rushing to complete the task when the corresponding icon pops up on their screen.
Octopus Watch Highlights:
• Features 700+ icons to match every activity
• Setting up a chore list and tracking progress is easy with the free app
• Stores important information like phone numbers, allergies, or blood type
• Emits no annoying sounds
• Comes with a gentle vibration setting
• Suitable for kids ages 3+
• Available in four fun colors
The Octopus Watch has garnered immense interest, earning $777K on Kickstarter and $1.4M through Indiegogo. It was also awarded the CES Innovation Award last January for its unique design and the positive impact it can make in its users’ lives.
The Octopus Watch can be purchased at Target stores nationwide.


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