Alternatives to Dental Insurance

by | Mar 27, 2018 | Medical

 There are many folks who are out there without dental insurance. Some are self-employed with just medical coverage but no dental coverage. Some employers do not provide dental insurance while they provide medical insurance. And some of us do not have any insurance at all. So, what are the alternatives for those who do not have dental insurance?
One alternative is to use a dental financing option that can lessen the burden of paying the entire cost of procedures/ treatments at one time. Many dental offices offer financing options with zero interest/low interest and zero down payment depending on your qualification. Some of these financing options even allow you to set your own monthly payment amounts to fit your budget.
Another alternative is a savers plan that your dentist may offer. This “savers” plan acts as a discount plan for most treatments applicable only with the dentist / clinics that are associated with the plan. You may pay a one-time fee or low monthly fees for the membership based on how the dentist/ clinic has set it up. For example, Noa Dental’s Savers Plan provides discounts of 30 percent or more on most of the major treatments for a low fee of $94 per person per year. No matter how many procedures/treatments are to be done, you will receive applicable discounts on them unlike insurances where they max out at some amount and you will no longer receive benefits until the following year when it resets.
If you have any further questions about the Noa Dental Savers plan or the financing option available, please contact Noa Dental at 661-857-7662 or check out for more information about our office.

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