Can I Go to A Dentist without Insurance?

by | Aug 28, 2018 | Medical

 We receive many phone calls from people who don’t have dental insurance, are underinsured or patients that tell us they couldn’t go to the dentist for years because they didn’t have insurance. Some think that dentists won’t even see a patient who does not have dental insurance.
We researched this “phenomenon”, through the calls we receive and from speaking to our patients, and the overwhelming thought was that because they didn’t have insurance they could not and would not be seen by a dentist. The reality is that we have almost 50 percent of our patients that do not have insurance and all patients, whether insured or not receive the same care across the board.
When my staff and I are asked about finances, insurance coverage and such, our clients are always referred to our office manager or treatment coordinator for the answer. There are so many insurance companies with thousands of policies within each company, so insurance concerns are handled by our highly trained and experienced front office team at NOA Dental; my assistants and I can then focus on treatment and care of our patients.
The patients without dental insurance, whether the cost is relatively small or it is a larger case, we at NOA Dental have an in-house savings plan or third party no interest financing plans. Most of our patients take advantage of these programs to make the level of care that they want affordable.
Dental care isn’t expensive, but procrastination is: 90 percent of the dental problems I see are completely preventable. Remember, routine dental care is more affordable than you think and anyone can see a dentist regardless if they have insurance or not.
For more information or to schedule an appointment, call 661-857-7662; visit; or stop by the office, we are located at: 23922 Summerhill Lane in Valencia.

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