Granny Flats

by | Sep 25, 2018 | Home & Garden

 Families are returning to the old days of multigenerational living arrangements, and they are not just putting granny (or junior) in a spare bedroom. It is becoming very popular for people to build accessory dwelling units (also known as a granny flat) behind or beside their existing homes –and for good reason. The benefits of building a granny flat are numerous, not the least providing accommodation for your extended family or for generating rental income.
What is an accessory dwelling unit? It is a secondary dwelling unit on a residential property with complete independent living facilities for family members or others (also known as second units, in-law suites or granny flats). These units can be attached or detached, have full cooking facilities, but cannot be sold separately from the primary residence. Granny flats cannot exceed 50 percent of the existing living area (they may not exceed 1,200 square feet).
Recently the California legislature has modified some of the more restrictive requirements on granny flats because they recognize the need to more affordable living.
These units can be rented out, allowing for homeowners to obtain additional income to help with housing expenses as well as provide affordable living to those living in these units. Including a granny flat can be a positive way to add value and flexibility to the use of your home.
The fact is there is a long list of reasons why building a granny flat can be the right decision – for families, investors, the retired, the creative or the home business owner!
Whether you’re thinking of building a granny flat for family to live in or as an investment, Randal G. Winter Construction can help you. Call Randal G. Winter Construction Inc. at 661-799-8089 or please visit our website at


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