A Note From the Publishers – January 2019

by | Jan 3, 2019 | A Note From the Publisher

Let me start by wishing you all a very happy and prosperous New Year! I honestly can’t believe we are going into 2019 – what on earth happened to 2018?
Talk about time going by fast, for the past nine years, we have published our non-profit wish list, this year is no exception. In the year 2000 we had just 15 entries while this year we have 40 plus requests over four pages, pretty amazing! We urge you to take a look at what our non-profits are in need of. Some requests are as small as purchasing a ticket for an event they are planning, or maybe you have a card table or ping pong table lying around that you no longer need, or perhaps you could help a patient in need of a ride, by taking them to their doctors office. The list is pretty diverse and extensive, your help is needed so dig deep and start someone’s year off right!
Have you made your new year’s resolutions yet? In this issue we may be able to help you with at least one or two of them. If getting fit is on your to-do-list, visit our Fitness Guide where you will find many local fitness guru’s who will make it easier for you to reach your goals in fitness and nutrition. Also, in this issue is our Business Directory, packed full of local folks that could quite possibly help you make the right business decisions in 2019.
We are always amazed at the wonderful people we do business with in the Santa Clarita Valley. Going into our 29th year we look forward to serving you with everything that’s great in our valley so stay tuned because we have some pretty big plans as we approach 30 years old – no really 30 years, is it even possible?

Until next time
Linda, Moe and Alexander Hafizi




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