Adult Oral Conscious Sedation Dentistry Sleep away your fears in a comfortable, painless environment

by | Jan 29, 2019 | Medical

Adult Oral Conscious Sedation dentistry allows you to dream away while your dentist is able to alleviate the troubles causing you so much dental pain. Dr. Marvin Friedman is the Oral Sedation Specialist at SCV Dental Care, performing adult oral conscious sedation dentistry on more than 2,200 patients. He is one of the many specialists that make up this full-service dental practice. At SCV Dental Care you can manage 100 percent of your dental care. No more multiple office location visits or continuous dentist appointments.
“Why live in pain when you can sleep your way to a healthier mouth and smile?” says Dr. Friedman. “We have come so far with the advances to dental care that there is no reason for anyone to avoid routine dental care.”
Adult Oral Conscious Sedation uses medication to help patients relax during dental procedures. Sometimes referred to as “sleep dentistry,” that’s not entirely accurate. Patients are usually awake with the exception of those who are under general anesthesia (but that’s another article). The “sedation” only requires a few simple steps from on your part, like a pill the night before and one the morning of the procedure. Within 24 hours of that first pill, your dental nightmares are a thing of the past. There is no IV needle in your arm, you can relax comfortably in your chair while Dr. Friedman works on your concerns quickly and efficiently.
“I am extremely proud to be part of a field that helps people overcome their fears and become more confident and responsible adults,” said Dr. Marvin Friedman. “This procedure is extremely safe and incredibly effective. I find most of our patients are literally so relaxed they sleep right through the procedure.”
SCV Dental Care is also offering a wonderful new procedure that helps people with sensitive teeth. A Fluoride Varnish is an extremely effective way to significantly decrease sensitivity in the teeth. No worries over things that are hot or cold, this varnish allows you to enjoy all that life has to offer.
SCV Dental Care offers evening and weekend appointments and is here to answer any questions you might have. You can give them a call at 661-577-4166 or visit online at The office is located at 22770 Soledad Canyon Road in Santa Clarita. 

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