Customize Your Jeep The Best Four Ways

by | Jan 30, 2019 | Automotive

Jeep has a lot of advantages that make jeep drivers Jeepers. Some of those advantages are that these are perfect off-road, all-weather cars, they are convertible, and you always get attention. But there is another important advantage for us. These vehicles give you an opportunity to customize them as no other vehicle owner can do. The great part is that comparing with other vehicles, the more parts and accessories you add on your jeep the cooler it looks.
Continuing from last month’s article covering tires, wheels and lights…
Jeep tops:
There are different styles and materials available to choose from. Your choice depends on the Jeep’s model year, driving conditions, your preferences and on your budget, of course. First thing, you need to choose between hard and soft tops. Hard tops are the best option for cold weather, they are much safer, and they provide excellent insulation. At the same time, it’s harder to remove the hard top and comparing with soft tops they are more expensive.
But if you want to enjoy the open air, not spending too much money, get a really nice soft top. Or if your jeep came with a soft top and it’s already worn out, you can get a replacement soft top or try to look for a new look. Another plus is that soft tops come with variety of features, such as storage pockets, roll back sunroofs, etc. Even if your Jeep came with a hard top, you still can change it with a soft top. We have a lot of soft top types available at Santa Clarita Auto Sound. We carry replacement soft tops, cargo net system, bowless tops, island toppers, summer briefs, eclipse sun shades, etc.
It’s a good idea to install an acoustic brief. It will significantly reduce the road noise while driving with a soft top on. Also, there is an option to install hard top sound deadeners, without removing your hard top. It reduces the noise and protects passengers from heat and cold as well.
Look for the next article covering bumpers in the March issue.
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