How to Establish Your Vision for a Kitchen Remodel – part one of two

by | Jan 29, 2019 | Home & Garden

 Kitchen remodels seem to fill the dreams of every homeowner we talk to. But when our home construction dreams are about to become a reality, we often get caught up in the details, overwhelmed by the decisions and surprised by the amount of work it quickly becomes. While working with the right contractor is paramount in deterring those problems, it also helps to turn your dream into an actionable vision, or plan. So, if you’re serious about turning your kitchen dreams into reality, start by deciding where you stand on these five questions.
1. Functional or Decorative?
A kitchen is the kind of space that needs to be somewhat functional, no matter how little cooking you do. That being said, it’s still valid to consider how often you cook. Do you entertain often? Are you past the years of using the kitchen as your catch-all, multipurpose room in the house? Then maybe you want to lean more toward decorative choices that make the space aesthetically pleasing, rather than focusing on the functionality of the room. If you still use your kitchen like it’s the only room you have, and then focus with each decision.
2. Cost or Value?
This is the point when you ask yourself: Can I splurge on the entire project, or do I need to stay within my budget? If you’re keen to keep within a certain budget, then your next question becomes: Where do I splurge, and where do I save? For certain parts of your remodel, you may want to make your buying decisions based off the overall value it adds to your life — not the price tag. Decide when you want to focus on the value, and when you need to let cost be the deciding factor. If you save on cabinets, for example, then you can splurge on marble for the island.
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