Laughing with Di – February 2019

by | Jan 30, 2019 | Gifts from the Heart

 Ahhh…”to have riches beyond the dreams of avarice,” (Scotty quote from “Star Trek: the Voyage Home”). Can this be done with coupons?
Let’s have a laugh…
Here’s what intrigues me about coupons. For those of you who are a family of two, many “coupon deals” are not very friendly! A coupon will offer a measly 50¢ off on, say, four boxes of cereal. Four boxes of cereal would last this family for a Millennium, as they sit in the cupboard getting stale.
Found a coupon marketing phrase, “your oral care journey” (give that adman a raise!) that encourages you to buy from a choice of SIX different versions of the same product for $1 off on one of them. I think that’s more like a trek.
There are exciting lures on coupons like “blow out sales”; “the clear choice”; “award winning”; “wipe out grease not your budget” (my favorite).
Ever read the exclusion portion of a coupon, the small print that defies comprehension? The winner so far is a cleaning product with seven of their products that you better not buy along with the one you chose!
One skin care brand has seven iterations of their product ranging from “ultimate healing”; “radiance renewal”; “men’s essentials”; “eczema relief”; “psoriasis relief”; “dry skin relief overnight”; and my old standby “original”. You get $1.50 off only one of these. Gee, remember the good old days when original was not a choice because it was the only one manufactured! What’s wrong with one coupon for one product – no exclusions, no mega-choices, no expiration dates? Would that be too many coupons to print?
And, inevitably, when I finally find coupons that are a fit, at the check-out line I discover they are forgotten, resting, unobserved, on my kitchen table. I coulda saved two bucks!

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