Laughing with Di – January 2019

by | Jan 2, 2019 | Gifts from the Heart

 I live off Sierra Highway and Golden Valley Road in Newhall. They are my main routes from here to there. Why is this important?
Let’s have a laugh…
Major construction has been underway at this busy intersection for many months: adding left turn lanes, providing a bus stop area, repaving, adjusting sidewalk/bicycle spaces and ultimately erecting a pre-fabricated pedestrian bridge spanning Sierra Highway. This process was like watching Lego© master builders in action.
A critical decision to access Sierra Highway from my street was whether to turn right or left. Timing was crucial. Once, I made the wrong decision, turned right, and drove smack-dab into a “one-lane only” dead stop. While idling, I occupied myself by observing a worker descend steps into what looked like a small WWII cement bunker. He went lower and lower until his yellow hardhat disappeared from view…where did he go? What was he doing underground? Fascinating. Never saw him again!
I did unknowingly enter the “paving in progress” zone one night. Scary…giant machines with eerie lights surrounding the only lane available for cars. I was in a “Transformer” movie with no good guys and no rescue in sight!
The real drama (for me) was anticipating when the bridge would be connected to each side of the street. I pictured the precision of a NASA rocket space link-up with the LEM module. But, to my disappointment, and under the cover of darkness, the deed was done preventing my moment of devilish pessimism (you know, that they wouldn’t line up?) Woke up one morning, came to the “right/left turn decision spot” and found the walkway, like a vaulted arch in a cathedral, installed and completed. “Mission control, the LEM is secure.”
Happy motoring, I’d estimate until the construction expands at the new Sheriff’s compound on Golden Valley!

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