Sinus Headaches and Facial Pressure

by | Jan 29, 2019 | Medical

“I take antibiotics constantly, decongestants, allergy medications yet facial pressure and pain around my eyes continue for weeks! What is wrong with me?”
This patient is suffering from a condition called Paranasal Sinus Blockage causing pressure radiating around the eye socket into the forehead and even to the back of the head. Often there is sinus/nasal mucus buildup and the patient feels pressure and pain with head movement, stuffy nose and severe deep pressure headaches.
At SCENT, our evaluation includes a history of sinus infections and use of multiple medications without relief. To further evaluate your condition, we may perform allergy testing which may be positive and a CT scan of the sinuses may show blockage to the sinus openings often associated with a deviation of nose cartilage (deviated nasal septum). At SCENT, our doctors look for blockage of the frontal sinuses above the eyes, the cheek or maxillary sinuses and the deepest sinus called the sphenoid sinus. This site of sinus obstruction needs to be addressed.
Treatment has now been revolutionized with the use of in-office endoscopic catheter dilation of the sinuses know as Balloon Sinuplasty. This procedure is done under oral medication sedation, together with local anesthesia in the nose. The balloons are safely passed under endoscopic view into the sinuses with each obstruction site dilated for under a minute and removed from the nose. The open sinus is now gently irrigated with saline. This procedure may be repeated depending on the severity of blockage.
The results of balloon sinuplasty are impressive. Patients need only one to two days recovery as opposed to five days for sinus surgery, pressure headaches lessen 70 to 80 percent and the need for antibiotics and steroids decreases significantly. Endoscopic Balloon Sinuplasty is a significant improvement in the treatment of sinus headaches, sinus infections and facial pain.
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