How to Establish Your Vision for a Kitchen Remodel – Part two of two

by | Feb 26, 2019 | Home & Garden

 Continuing from the February issue, here are the remaining three things to consider.
3. Daily Chef or Big Entertainer?
You’ll also want to consider how many people you cook for and how often. If you use the kitchen for daily cooking, serving a single family, then your decisions should reflect that. If you love to entertain, and host large family dinners on a regular basis, then your kitchen should be designed to accommodate and serve large groups. Consider what upgrades may allow you to serve large groups with ease. For example, to better serve your extended family, do you need two sinks and lots of counter space? Great! Make sure that’s a central part of your vision.
4. Fast Food or Savored?
Another way to think about the way you use your kitchen is the speed at which you cook. When you’re in the kitchen, for example, is your goal to produce an edible meal as quickly as possible, while minimizing mess whenever possible? Then design a kitchen that allows you to move quickly, access your materials with ease, and clean up without much work. If you love cooking, however, then design your space in a way that allows you to savor the time you spend there. Make it spacious, open, light and airy. Create a small sanctuary with detailed, personal touches. Bring life and personality into the room, so you’ll want to stay there all day long.
5. Ideal or Real?
This can be the toughest question to answer for some people. Are you designing a kitchen for the ideal cooking experience and the ideal home, or are you creating a space that’s made for real life, in all its messy glory? Again, you need to assess where you’re at in life to answer this question. If cooking is a chore and your main goal is to maximize your leisure time, then you’ll want to design a kitchen that’s built for everyday life. If the kitchen is your sacred space, and cooking is your leisure time, then by all means — build the kitchen of your dreams. It’s much easier to change your kitchen than to change what you enjoy.
Now that you’ve got the vision, call Randal G. Winter Construction Inc. at 661-799-8089 to make it a reality. For more information, visit

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