Laughing with Di – March 2019

by | Feb 27, 2019 | Gifts from the Heart

 Five friends in different parts of the country (“seniors” over the age of 70) keep in touch as often as possible. Currently, they communicate in cyberspace.
Let’s have a laugh…
To ring in the New Year, they planned a group FaceTime® on their iPads® shortly before midnight in someone’s time zone:
A: (using FaceTime® with “D&E”) “Can’t do a group thing. None of us has the correct apparatus.”
While “B” fiddles with her iPad® attempting to reach “C”, (“A&B” are married and in the same room) “D&E” watch it all happen on their iPad®. “D” occasionally makes suggestions (he’s a 68-year-old whippersnapper who may or may not be computer savvy).
“A” decides to reach “C” via his iPhone®.
A: “Why isn’t she answering her phone?”
E: “She’s probably in her building lobby getting soused with her neighbors.”
After three tries, “C” answers.
A: “Where have you been?”
C: “I was in my lobby getting soused with my neighbors!” (“E” smiles.)
A: “We can’t do a group FaceTime® but we have “D&E” on our iPad®.”
“A” points his iPhone® at his iPad® so “C” can see “D&E” and vice versa. But, all “C” sees are feet, shoes and pants. “A&B” keep saying, “not possible.” “D&E” can see “C” on the iPad® but they also see the window “C” is looking through with feet, shoes and pants. “A” rotates the iPhone® so “C” can see “A&B”! “D&E” can now see “A&B” and hear “C”. Brilliant!
“A” ends the phone call, right after they wish each other well. A determined “C” tries again to call “A&B” on her iPad® but when “B” hits the respond button, “D&E” are immediately disconnected.
In the silence that followed, the five friends laughed, promptly forgot what happened, and went to bed.
On New Year’s Day, they emailed one another to say hey!

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