Sinus Sprays Not Working? Time to See A Specialist

by | Feb 26, 2019 | Medical

New advances in nasal and sinus treatment have revolutionized how we approach a patient with nasal and sinus problems. The days of taking nasal sprays, antihistamines, decongestants and multiple visits to doctors’ offices to get antibiotics are over.
The new procedures, in the past few years, have allowed us to treat sinus and nasal diseases in office without going to the operating room and without having anesthesia. We no longer have to deal with recovery from anesthesia and painful packing.  The procedures are done in an office setting, just like a dental procedure.
At SCENT we have several of these treatments available depending on what the problem is.   Balloon sinuplasty can be used to gently dilate the sinuses so they no longer get plugged and infected. This reduces the visits to the doctor for antibiotics and other medicines. A special stent called Latera can also be used, which adds support to the sidewall of the nose to prevent it from collapsing. We all know how miserable we feel when we can’t breathe through our nose. These stents significantly improve breathing. Another quick and easy procedure is ClariFix Cryotherapy, which is used to treat the source that causes post nasal drip. There are many other procedures that are available as well. All of them are done quickly and with very minimal time to recover. As a matter of fact, patients are back to work or school the next day. The ease of these procedures, their success rate, their quick recovery, and their safety make these procedures ideal for a lot of our patients.
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