The Best Four Ways to Customize Your Jeep

by | Feb 27, 2019 | Automotive

Jeep has a lot of advantages that make Jeep drivers Jeepers. Some of those advantages are that these are perfect off-road, all-weather cars, they are convertible and you always get attention. But there is another important advantage for us. These vehicles give you an opportunity to customize them as no other vehicle owner can do. The great part is that comparing with other vehicles, the more parts and accessories you add on your Jeep the cooler it looks.
Continuing from last month’s article Jeep tops…
Jeep bumpers are designed to shield the front and rear ends of the vehicle (parking lights, the grill, trunk, hood, fuel, headlamps and taillights, exhaust and cooling systems, etc…) from obstacles such as rocks, stumps, and boulders in low speed collisions. Besides that, they dramatically change your vehicle’s appearance.
Bumpers come in different shapes, materials, sizes and weights. Factory bumpers usually contain a very little amount of steel or aluminum. That’s the reason that factory bumpers don’t provide the necessary level of protection. Plus, it makes it harder to install some accessories on them. If you’re going to drive your Jeep in wet weather conditions, then aluminum bumpers can be a good option. These bumpers are pretty lightweight, which allows you to improve your ride quality and save on fuel. On the other hand, if you think you’re going to claim some crazy rocks, then you better choose steel.
However, manufacturers try different ways to eliminate the shortcomings of every material mixing them with some amount of other materials. Some of them come out pretty good.
It’s not possible to talk about all the ways of customizing a Jeep in one post. At Santa Clarita Auto Sound we also carry spare tires and spare tire holders, side armors, mirrors, bestop hoods, grill overlays, tow straps and emergency cords, seat covers, hood covers, floor mats and liners, grab handles, fuel doors, roof rocks, etc…
So, if you have any ideas, questions you would like to discuss with our professionals, they will be more than happy to help you.
For further information visit Santa Clarita Auto Sound, located at 25845 Railroad Ave. Unit 10 in Santa Clarita. You may also call 661-286-1100 and visit online at

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