I Love Teachers

by | Apr 26, 2019 | Community

It only takes one moment, event, or person that can change your life. Those who have the most impact on our lives seldom get the recognition they deserve aside from an honorable mention in lite conversation every now and again. Today, households with dual incomes are more prevalent than single earners. What this means for our children is for most of the hours in the week our children are being raised by our teachers and support staff. What started as a simple “thank you” turned into a national phenomenon to show the much-deserved support of the profession that births all professions.
Tyler Anderson of No Bugs started I Love Teachers back in 2018 after a chance encounter in an airport with a troubled teacher who was traveling to take care of a sick family member. In tears, she was worried about job security, and financial stresses. Just then, they made the announcement [to board the plane] for the military and Tyler thought “why not do it for teachers, it would really make her day.” Unfortunately, the airline rejected the idea, but this got him thinking. “Without teachers, we would not have the military or any others that society looks up to.” A seed of innovation was planted…
Last year, No Bugs started giving back. “I went to my office and created an ad that offered Santa Clarita teachers free services for the summer.” This action quickly came in the national spotlight, it wasn’t long until other companies began to join in the movement, and the seed started to sprout. Tyler created iLoveTearchers.com. A premier membership-based site for teachers and support staff, allowing teachers and support staff to search and benefit from the discounts on goods and services of various business partners that want to express their gratitude, saving them thousands of dollars a year.
Over the past 30 years, inflation has increased considerably and teachers are working additional jobs just to pay the bills. Despite their financial burdens teachers utilize their own funds to help structure the young minds of today.
With I Love Teachers, Tyler wants the Santa Clarita Valley to rally behind our teachers so we can finally give the teaching profession the much due notoriety. So many professions are put up on a pedestal and looked up to by adults and children alike – firemen, doctors, nurses, policemen, businessmen, actors, athletes, inventors. Each of those professions has one thing in common: They all have teachers who helped them get to where they are.
“It is our purpose to introduce teachers, their families, and friends to businesses in their communities that take the lead in showing honor, respect, and appreciation for what they do. Introducing our members to participating local (and national) businesses that want to express their admiration and appreciation by way of donated or discounted everyday services or products. This allows businesses in your community to put their words into action and say to their teachers – “Thank you for all you’ve done – We owe you so much.”” – T Anderson
For more information on I Love Teachers or if you or your business would like to show your support to your local teachers visit iLoveTeachers.com and join the movement. 



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