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by | May 26, 2019 | Gifts from the Heart

 There comes a time when the need to pick a gift comes around. Often, this can be the cause of a bit of anxiety as you ponder about the perfect gift to give on Father’s Day. Although every person is different, some gift ideas are great for just about everyone. A proper timepiece has the uncanny ability to tie an entire outfit together and exude style, class, and elegance in one (sometimes) tiny package.
One of the main benefits of watches is that they are functional. With just the tilt of your wrist, the current time is always available. If the watch happens to be a smart watch, then you have even more utilities available to you such as a heart rate monitor, access to the web, and the ability to stay connected through the of use texts and emails.
Watches can also serve the role of stylish jewelry pieces. When you know the taste of the gift recipient, you can then choose a watch that matches their sensibilities. Your gift can serve as an ideal accessory for a night out on the town and something to mix and match with different fashion ideas. When a lot of craftmanship is put into the design and build quality of a watch, then it can add the bling or wow factor that other gifts may not be able to do.
Another key benefit of giving a watch as a gift is the reassurance of knowing that it can be a gift that keeps on giving. Watches have the ability of lasting quite a long time, if properly cared for, which gives owners, potentially, a lifetime of enjoyment and use. They can accompany you through the events marking the moments, both good and bad. With this history and sentimental value, they can be re-purposed as one generation passes it on to the next.
There are also times where you may feel like giving a gift for no particular reason-the anytime gift that can surprise and delight in its unexpectedness. With Graduations approaching, you have even more reasons to be on the lookout for the perfect thing to gift. One of life’s great go-to-presents a fountain pen.
There are many reasons that one might choose to gift fountain pens to friends and family. They invite creativity, and create a connection not only in the writing but in the enjoyment of the pen itself. It sparks conversation, learning and exploration into new realms of ink and paper. It isn’t just meant to be consumed, it is meant to be used and enjoyed.
Ro Ma Jewelers carries a variety of gorgeous watches, pens and accessories that would make a fantastic gift for any Father or Graduate. To reach them, call 661-254-6414 and visit



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