Laughing with Di – June 2019

by | May 26, 2019 | Gifts from the Heart

 Most of you probably have hundreds of photos on your phones, pods, pads and in the clouds – yes?
Let’s have a laugh.
I have trillions (not) of photos in albums dating back to, well, a long time ago. A photo album is a large tome, the inside of which contains pages of plastic slots wherein you place snapshots to view nostalgically at your leisure. Just like what you do for hours on your phones, pods, pads, etc.
Now, when photographing with a digital camera, the shots are developed at various sites on line, you bring them home, and put them in your album! Well, maybe not you – me.
On a lovely afternoon at Huntington Gardens, a photo was taken of my granddaughter, who just turned eleven, in the exact pose and location of one taken when she was two. I could visualize this photo of nine years ago and set out to search my albums.
There is an index page in each one. I found several visits to Huntington Gardens and chose the albums in the correct time frame. I turned page after page not finding the picture. I then looked in other years in case I had her age wrong in the original. Nothing. Exasperated, I silently admitted to myself that perhaps my perfectly organized photo album indices were sadly inadequate! I downheartedly gave up.
As I was puttering around in our guest room, I glanced over at a frame on a bookshelf and, tada! There was the photo of my two-year-old granddaughter at Huntington Gardens! The two photos have been united in a special frame!
What is the lesson we learn here? There is none. But I walked in every room of the house and reviewed the 161 photos (now 162) I have framed – committing them to memory!

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