Music to Our Ears, or is it? It’s rattlesnake season!

by | May 26, 2019 | Old Town Newhall

 While we are all enjoying the eye-catching delight that is poppy season in the Antelope Valley there is a very real threat hidden amongst all that beauty. When you’re outdoors always remain alert and vigilant as to where you are stepping/walking. Stay on the designated trails; Not only to protect yourself and your pets from wildlife but also to preserve the beauty of the wildflowers.
Always listen for the tell-tale rattling sound that earned the rattlesnake its name. Although some pets behave amazingly off leash make sure to keep a close eye on your furry friends as they can unknowingly stumble on a rattlesnake den. Rattlesnakes emerge from hibernation in March or April. Rattlesnakes are nocturnal so you’re more likely to encounter one when night hiking/camping.
If your pet is bitten by a rattlesnake they must be treated immediately! Most common bite sites are the limbs/paws, neck, mouth, and face.
All Creatures Veterinary Center carries the antivenin that must be administered to your pet ASAP! Be sure to call the hospital to let us know of your pet’s situation and your arrival time so we can have everything set up and ready to go once you get here.
We also offer the rattlesnake vaccine to help your pet build antibodies to rattlesnake venom so if ever bitten their bodies will fight the venom giving you time to get them to the hospital for medical treatment. The rattlesnake vaccine is not a cure! Your pet will still need medical attention right away.
For additional information please contact All Creatures Veterinary Center at 661-291-1121.



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