All You Need to Know about Regenerative Cell Treatment for Knee/Joint Pain & Injury

by | Jun 26, 2019 | Medical

 Non-surgical regenerative cell-based treatment uses the body’s natural healing ability to repair damaged bones, muscles, cartilage, tendons and ligaments.
Knee injuries are painful and often patients are unable to walk. Our physicians spend time to examine the injury as well as the source of the injury, then explain their treatment plan to the patient. We consider the most effective options, including shorter healing times as well as safety and the potential risk of infection. Our treatment protocol always uses products following FDA guidelines.
Injections done with ultrasound guided needle recognition capability to ensure safety as well target the area needing treatment.
Before and after MRI’s showing great results and our patients are reporting that they are back into enjoying their activities.
Besides the following injuries treated by our regenerative medicine, our cell-based treatment provides innovative combined formula for treating:
• Anti-aging Advanced PRP Micro-needling enhanced with growth factor serums activation for treating wrinkles and fine lines.
• Hair restoration for rapid hair follicle growth
• Cell-based treatment for ED Erectile Dysfunction
• Plasma; Alpha-2-Macroglobulim (A2M) is the new biologic treatment for your arthritic knee (osteoarthritis)
When your hips hurt, or your knee is stiff, or your back is throbbing, that means your joint is bone on bone and there is no lubrication to ease movement.
Regenerative medicine giving new hope to patients suffering from painful joint injuries such as knee, shoulder and hip with a chance to live a pain free life.
Regenerative cell-based ultrasound guided injection now available to treat pain associated with joint injury. There are indications that it reduces the pain and swelling of the joints and helps lubricating and improve movements.
Commonly Treated Conditions:
• Osteoarthritis of the Hips, Knee, and Shoulders
• Rotator Cuff tears of the Shoulder
• Meniscus, ACL and PCL tears of the knee
If you or a loved one suffers from Chronic Degenerative Joint Pain, or if you have suffered an acute Knee, Hip, Shoulder injury, inquire for your free consultation at Valencia Medical Center for Regenerative Medicine at 661-222-9117.

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