Looking for their Forever Home – July 2019

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 The Brittany Foundation is a non-profit humane organization dedicated to the rescue and rehabilitation of homeless dogs, has several dogs for adoption.
I made my way here through a shelter in South LA. I guess my name comes from the fact that my coloring is that of a cornflake but I can’t be certain what they were thinking when they named me this. In any event the staff say it suits my personality. They tell me I am a diamond in the rough which I think means I have loads of potential but lack a certain polish. I love my long walks with the staff and, much to their surprise, I walk quite nicely on a leash. You’ll find me most afternoons running and playing around the yard with my best friend Max.   I’m a male Shepherd Mix about two to three years old.
I was brought to Brittany Foundation after spending many months in a city shelter with my sidekick, Cornflake. We are both young, strong, tall and have loads of energy. We have not been socialized with other dogs but we have yet to meet a person we do not love. The staff discovered I know a few basic commands, such as sit, shake and lay down. In fact, they call me a hidden gem. I need a great deal of exercise every day and would do best in a home with a large yard where I can stretch these long legs.  By the way, I come with my own swimming pool.  I’m a male Shepherd Mix about four years old.
I came here with my sister Violet and my brother Sonny.  They tell me I am the definition of athletic.  If you think standing box jumps are impressive, wait until you see mine – last measured at 32 inches.  Needless to say, I have been voted “Most Athletic”.  I am eager to walk but I am still learning to trust new people.  Most mornings you will find me running and playing with my roommate Dirk and my friend Shelby.  In the afternoon you will find me snuggled in the arms of my favorite staff members.  I would do well with an active person or family.  While I am a mixed breed, a small portion of my breed is rare. We are considered loyal, active, sporting dogs that have the unique attribute of family companions.  We are also self-cleaning which means very little grooming is every required for me.  I am a two to three year-old male “VeeChee” meaning small part Viszla and part Chihuahua.
The beginning of my story was one wild ride.  Before I made it to The Brittany Foundation, I was in a place where I was never socialized.  Never even been on a walk.   I have been voted “Most Improved” because I now eagerly await my walks. I have lots of energy so it would be great if you do too.  I have a bit of a hunter’s instinct due to my breed but now I love people so I will protect your home from the UPS driver and cats.  I promise to love the people who will become my family.   My brother Red and sister Violet are also waiting for their forever homes.  I am a two- to three-year-old male “VeeChee” meaning small part Viszla and other part Chihuahua
I’m shy, petite, with a bit of a wild spirit. I am still young, so I love running around with the other dogs here. My early months in life we’re pretty rough so when I got here, I didn’t trust people at all. In fact, I wouldn’t even let them near me.  After many months I now realize they only want the best for me and I will now go for a walk with all of the staff members and while I don’t love it, I do let them dress me up when the weather gets cold. My brothers, Sonny and Red, are also here waiting for their forever homes. Please check us out, while we are a mixed breed and are considered loyal, active, sporting dogs that have the unique attribute of family companions. We are also self-cleaning, which means very little grooming is ever required for us.   I’m an adorable two or three-year-old female Chihuahua mix with a tiny hint of Vizsla (so someone said, I don’t know).
To inquire about adopting, volunteering, or donating to The Brittany Foundation, call 661-713-5240 or email brittany_dogs@yahoo.com. The Brittany Foundation opens its doors from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. every Saturday and Sunday so families can meet rescued dogs for adoption. The Foundation can also make appointments during the week. For more information, visit www.brittanyfoundation.com.  Application, home check and donation required for adoption.



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