Barn & Charm Showcases Instructor Risa Ross-Albertson

by | Jul 22, 2019 | Gifts from the Heart

Barn and Charm is a multi-vendor store showcasing on-trend, vintage and antique furniture as well as clothing, gifts and home décor. One of the best things about working as a multi-vendor store means that owner Carol Reesha is able to procure unique, and sometimes, one-of-a-kind pieces for the shop. Many of the vendors and artists purchase merchandise for the shop while on their various travels. One vendor in particular, Risa Ross-Albertson just returned from a yoga retreat in Bali where she shared her passion and devotion for Yoga as well as honed her energy to find just the right pieces to bring back to Barn & Charm.
Risa is an artist, teacher, mom of two children, step-mom to three daughters and wife to an amazingly supportive husband who allows her to spread her wings and fly. Risa not only teaches yoga right next door at Yoga Yoga, she also has a clothing company, Soul Purpose where she designs and manufacturers products herself, that you can purchase at Barn & Charm. The clothing shares messages of inspiration, love and gratitude.
Risa’s custom jewelry line, named Sattva Design can be seen and purchased at Barn & Charm as well. Risa’s designs all come with purpose and intention in their creation. She utilizes lava stones in many designs for use with essential oils as well as energy driven crystals and healing stones designed to not only calm the mind, but restore the soul and heal the body.
“Over the years I have really come to understand and learn about the enormous healing properties of gemstones. As a result, it has been a dream come true for me to be able to combine my love for handmade jewelry with my love for yoga. When purchasing my stones, I spend time holding each strand to feel the energy emanating from them. I am careful to pick the stones that resonate with me. With the help of these energies, my designs are born. Each stone is known for specific healing properties, so combining stones can create a magical energy,” shared Risa.
Barn and Charm has a variety of lovely pieces, stop by and see them today because you never know what might be there tomorrow. The ever-changing inventory is one of the most unique treasures about the store. For more information, please call Barn & Charm at 661-255-5466 or visit

photo by Joie de Vivre photographie



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