Laughing with Di – August 2019

by | Jul 22, 2019 | Gifts from the Heart

 Nothing has activated my funny bone lately until I refilled a prescription housed in a new bottle.
Let’s have a laugh.
The bottle had a different cap. Besides pressing down, squeezing in and turning, I had to first align two “invisible” indentations on each side. When I finally opened the “senior-child-proof” bottle, it made me laugh. Practice will make perfect.
Then, I devised an acronym to remember the names of my drugs. LEAPS. Losartan, Eliquis, Amlodipine, Pantoprazol, Synthroid. Twenty years ago, I told my son to disown me if I got so old I bought a “days of the week” container for my drugs. Well, not only do I have one, I acronym them. Luckily, I’m still part of the family.
When a senior friend of mine began the process to acquire unemployment money, government user-unfriendly instructions were apparent. Asked on the phone, “what other occupation could you do?” none of the selections fit. The choices might well have been jobs like, front-end loader driver, press 2; disc jockey, press 8 once and 9 twice; professor? sorry does not compute.
I liken his dilemma to the driver’s license test. You study hard and the first question could be: if you are driving 80 miles an hour and you pass a train going 100 miles an hour who gets pulled over first by the cops? Basically, there aren’t any senior moments involved here. It’s the game “Life” without a paddle!
Speaking of acronyms – remember LEAPS? I was challenged by my grandson to play Baseball Scrabble. The board is a baseball diamond – with squares. The tiles were baseballs that kept rolling off the letter holder. He laid down stuff like, “Uzi”; then “ATM”; “RV”; “Wii” then, “Joe” because “it’s just a guy,” he said. I said, GG. But IRL, CUT. DUKWIM? OTOH, it’s NOMB. DIRHTDWTIMGY? (Do I really have to deal with this in my golden years?). Yes. Okay. OK? K.

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