Santa Clarita Autosound – Where Passion Equals Success

by | Jul 22, 2019 | Automotive

 “Passion equals success,” is the motto of brothers David and Henry Tchakerian, two auto enthusiasts who own Santa Clarita Autosound, a small business here in town dedicated to performing automobile services and upgrades to better serve their clients. Alongside their sister Maral, the Tchakerians have over 65 years of combined experience with both working in, and owning auto-body shops. Their sharedpassion for customer satisfaction and their desire to go above and beyond is what sets their business apart from the rest.
Their journey began in June 2010, when David and Henry first started the business together after years of having run and owned previous shops. Though each sibling has their own specialized role in the company (David with operations, Henry with management, and Maral with sales and parts), everyone does a little bit of everything, making it a collaborative effort more than anything else.
“One of the best parts of working with family is that we get to see each other much more often than if we weren’t in business together,” comments David on the most rewarding aspect of owning a family business. Though David and Henry did not know from the get-go that they wanted to go into business together, they were both dedicated to better serving the world of auto buffs, and five years after the company was up and running, Maral joined the duo and the company has been flourishing since.
Santa Clarita Autosound offers a wide range of services from installing audio systems to window tinting and lighting, and the Tchakerian team’s goal remains the same: to not only meet customer’s needs and expectations, but to go above and beyond them. It is their hope that their location will continue to grow and expand in terms of both customers and range of services, as well as “stay heavily focused on customer satisfaction”, shared David.
When asked what advice he could offer to aspiring entrepreneurs and business students, David highlighted the importance of “setting short-term, attainable goals”, while simultaneously “staying focused on the big picture and what you’re hoping to achieve”. June of 2020 marks 10 years since the company’s origin, and with the Tchakerian siblings behind the scenes, Santa Clarita Autosound will undoubtedly continue to share their passion for customer satisfaction and dedication to excellence.
For more information about Santa Clarita Autosound go to or call them at 661-286-1100.



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