Halloween can be Scarier Than You Think

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 It will soon be that time of year when all the little ghost and goblins call upon us for treats or tricks. The biggest fear that we should have, however, may be in the products we are using on our skin. Heavy, greasy Halloween make-up can cause all kinds of problems on sensitive and sometimes normal, skin. Remember when you are putting the make-up on you may be clogging your pores for an extended period of time, and that making sure you remove all traces of stuff is very important.
If you are prone to acne, be aware that many of the ingredients in these products can cause a serious breakout. If you, or your child, are suffering from any diseases or disorders of the skin you probably want to avoid use of Halloween make-up. I might suggest that you try Mineral Make-up this year, made from all-natural ingredients, especially minerals found in the earth, it will not cause any reactions on any type of skin. It is safe enough for children too.
While most people may not have any serious side effects from their use, it would make good sense to avoid exposing young children, those who are especially sensitive to cosmetic ingredients, or anyone suffering from cancer or other diseases. The sampling of products came from random purchases at various Santa Clarita retailers. All have been approved by the FDA and CIR (Cosmetic Ingredient Review)
The following is a list of ingredients found in Halloween Make-Up for adults and children.
Petrolatum-can cause allergic skin reactions in the hypersensitive.
Ceresin-(Cera Microcristallina),Stearic acid,Talc-(French Chalk), Cetyl Alchol DMDM Hydantoin, PEG 8-(olec acid),
Pvp- (poyvinylpyrrolidone).
For more information, please contact Rosemary at Beyond Harmony Day Spa at 661-298-8008.

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