Innovative Therapy for the Whole Family – New U Therapy Center & Family Services

by | Sep 25, 2019 | Community

 New U Therapy Center & Family Services is an innovative mental health clinic that was created for the community’s needs and convenience. It’s so hard to find all mental health services in one place. Usually, people would go to see different specialists, such as psychiatrists, therapists, psychologists for testing, hypnotherapists, etc. As a result, a person would end up coordinating the treatment for himself due to the lack of time clinicians would have nowadays.
Well, it doesn’t have to go this way anymore. We have gathered multiple specialists to coordinate the treatment for a person, or even for the whole family. Our clinicians discuss treatment plans for their mutual patients to improve their mental health and well-being in overall. Besides, the walk-in appointments are available now for new patients that need urgent medication evaluation.
One of our revolutionary and the most efficient treatment is Deep Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation or TMS for Resistant Depression and PTSD or Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder. TMS is a new, FDA approved, safe, non-invasive and drug free treatment.
Deep TMS is unique, patented treatment method stimulates deep and broad neuronal targets. The treatment involves deep magnetic stimulation of the bilateral prefrontal cortex, which has been shown to be responsible for depression, and has been shown to significantly improve depression symptoms in many patients, leading to remission in about one third of patients. This non-invasive procedure has been shown to improve symptoms of depression, even when traditional depression treatments, such as antidepressant drugs and therapy have failed. It’s also indicated for people that suffer from side effects of medication or lack of tolerance. This treatment takes only six to eight weeks and might be covered by most insurance panels. We hope that TMS treatment along with other treatment options can help improve the lives of many people in our community.
For more details, please call 818-600-2034 and visit The office is located at 25000 Avenue Stanford, Suite 104 in Valencia.



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