Celebrating 25 Years of Quality and Care – House of BMRS and Mini

by | Oct 29, 2019 | Automotive

For 35 years, Mark Krzystofczyk has been servicing cars and caring for customers in Santa Clarita, specializing in BMW repair, quality service, and excellent work. A master BMW Tech and Doctor of Motors & Diesel, Mark is extremely proud of the 25th anniversary of the business. Proving they are in it for the long run, House of BMRS and Mini takes pride in the relationships they build with their customers return business and constant referrals. It’s how Mark built the foundation of the business.
“I am constantly answering questions from customers and friends about maintenance, and my answer will always remain the same. Scheduled maintenance and addressing check engine lights in a timely manner will save you money,” said Mark.
It may sound like a trick statement, but it is absolutely true. When you invest in the proper maintenance of your vehicle, it will run at optimum performance, saving you money in gas, unexpected repairs and overall value of the car. It’s something you learn if you grow up around a “car guy” or if your dad happens to be one…
“Mark is a lifesaver! It’s very hard to find an honest and trustworthy mechanic. Especially for BMWs (being a woman doesn’t help). My first visit, Mark took the time to show me (not just tell me) exactly what was wrong, broken, and needed to be fixed with my car. We took care of three-quarters of what need to be done and I was a happy camper! My power steering went out a couple of months ago (for the second time) and if it wasn’t for Mark letting me know it should be under warranty by the other shop, I had gone to two years ago, I would’ve been put over $1,000. He could’ve easily not told me that and taken my money. But he didn’t and because of his honesty, I saved so much money that would’ve been wasted on a part under warranty. Awesome experience. He’s got himself a loyal customer here!” – Araxie D., Chatsworth, CA
As you can see, Mark’s service and care are clear through his customer testimonials. And they don’t stop there, he holds 4.5 stars on Yelp with dozens of reviews speaking volumes of his customer service and quality of work.
If you are looking for someone you can trust to care for your BMW or Mini, give Mark and his staff a call at 661-299-9290. You can also learn more at www.bmrsscv.com



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