A Note From the Publishers – December 2019

by | Nov 26, 2019 | A Note From the Publisher

 Where do I even begin? Over the years, the Santa Clarita Valley has become our home, it is where we raised our son, Alexander, where we gained success in our business and built a strong circle of friends and support. This is the same for so many families here in this valley. We have become a community of hard-working, dedicated individuals earning us the name of “Awesometown”. Recently, this wonderful place that we all call home has undergone a devastating tragedy and we are simply heartbroken. For the past 30 years, Santa Clarita Magazine has been known for bringing you all the good things that happen in our valley, unfortunately for all of us, this month that changed. With the recent incident at Saugus High School, which affected all of our lives in some way, we will never quite feel the same, never quite feel as awesome, never quite feel as safe as we have in the past.
This month we dedicate the Santa Clarita Magazine to the sweet, innocent children that lost their lives on Thursday, November 14th.

Gracie Anne Muehlberger
Born October 10, 2004
Described by her dad as “Our vivacious, funny, loyal, light of our lives, Cinderella, the daughter we always dreamed to have, fiercely strong and lover of all things fashionable was our best friend. She is going to be missed more than words will ever be able to express,” Muehlberger said.

Dominic Blackwell
Born September 11, 2005
Dominic has been described as a bright, shining light… with a goofy laugh, cheesy smile, and a huge, caring heart. His three brothers will miss their big brother greatly, and his parents’ dreams for him will never be realized.

We at the Santa Clarita Magazine send our deepest condolences to the families of Gracie and Dominic. None of us can even begin to understand how their families feel and the journey they must go through to get a resemblance of normal back in their life.
We are pleased to hear that Addison Koegle, Mia Tretta and Andrew Gardetto, who went to the hospital with injuries are now at home with their families, they have a long road of healing ahead of them and we are praying for their families and friends.
The saving grace of this terrible incident is our community. When news of this horrific event broke out, we saw so many people come together to show their support to the children and their families affected by the incident. From fundraisers to over 10,000 people that attended the vigil on November, 17th at Central Park. These efforts show Santa Clarita Valley is a community that takes care of our own, and it makes us proud to be here.
Let this be a reminder to all that life is so unpredictable and this holiday season show your love and affection to those closest to you. From the little babies to your elderly grandparents be sure to give them a big hug because you never know what tomorrow brings.
Going forward, we are happy to bring you another issue of Santa Clarita Magazine and as we celebrate our 30th year in business we want to wish everyone Happy Holidays and a safe New Year.
Linda, Moe, and Alexander Hafizi



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