A Food Delivery that Doesn’t Eat Your Fries: We Go

by | Dec 27, 2019 | Dining, Arts & Entertainment

Three local Santa Clarita entrepreneurs are changing the pace of local food delivery. Their mission is to offer a superior food delivery service that ‘extends the hospitality of the restaurant all-the-way to your front door’. Together they created WeGo, Inc., a small empire of local drivers, restaurant partners, and technology putting it all together.
At WeGo taking food safety is serious business. We’ve all heard about the current issues within this industry, the biggest one of them being drivers picking through food or the food never arriving. It’s estimated that more than 28 percent of food delivered with delivery services is tampered with, as reported by CBS News in July 2019. Unfortunately, there is no quality control once the food leaves the restaurant. Even after several years of a booming industry, restaurants are still learning how to deal with the new surge of takeout business. Out of town delivery companies are hiring drivers rapidly, site unseen, and no one is thinking about the customer service and hospitality we enjoy when having food prepared for us. So WeGo invented a program for restaurants that help them seal all the food containers and educate their staff on how to ensure food leaves the restaurant tamper resistant as well as evident to the customer. WeGo has also created a closed loop system so food is documented at restaurant pick up, validate all items of order are present, and get a customer signature at delivery ensuring no fraudulent activity. Finally, WeGo has designed a giving back program that will allow end customers to donate a portion of their delivery proceeds to their favorite local charity or nonprofit.
To explore your new local food delivery options visit WeGo at www.wegoscv.com or follow us on social media FB: @wegodeliveryinc Insta: @wego_delivers



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