Alonso Family Vineyard

by | Dec 27, 2019 | Dining, Arts & Entertainment

Juan Alonso, owner and head chef of the renowned French Restaurant, Le Chene for almost 40 years, began operating Alonso Family Vineyard in 1995.
Against the advice of many, who thought the region was unsuitable for a high-quality vineyard, Juan has persevered and continued to grow the fine reputation of Alonso Family Vineyard and gone on to produce award winning wine ever since.
Through a partnership with Jasper Dickson, of Angeleno Wine Company, Alonso Family Vineyard has broadened its reach and is bringing ever more award-winning wines to a wider audience.
As Jasper says, “There are no words to articulate the stunning beauty of the vineyard in the early morning during harvest. It is still cold enough to see your breath and you need to wear gloves, even though it’s summer. Juan is the heart and soul of Angeleno. We consider him Angeleno’s real winemaker, as the character of his vineyard is what shines through in our wines.”
For more information go to or give them a call today at 661-251-4315



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