Landscaping using the Watershed Method

by | Feb 24, 2020 | Home & Garden

If you would like to save water and help our planet, you can be part of the cure. In this article I’ll give you tips on how to do that. You may be confused by people with conflicting advice, so you need a few tools to distinguish who knows how to help.
1. There are many in the past that try to sell removing the lawn and replacing it with a few plants and a bunch of gravel. That is a huge red flag. Too much gravel is not a good thing, it will create a heat island.
2. If someone tells you that artificial turf is good for the environment that is another huge red flag (and a lie). Plastic covering the earth is not good for it or you
3. Lawn is not always the enemy, there are alternative lawns and you can reduce your lawn especially if it is useful to you.
The best water wise landscapes are done using the Watershed approach and take into consideration soil, water, and plant material. Your plan should include water capture and retention, soil remediation, and proper plant selection.
The design should include rain gardens, sheet mulching, permeable hardscape materials, and proper plant material. You can learn more about these practices online. For help with your project take a look to find a landscape designer that has been trained in the Watershed approach. Landscape Designers have been digging deep (pun intended) to learn the best practices for healing the earth with the Watershed approach. If you want a beautiful vibrant garden whose soil can help save our planet, find a knowledgeable collaborator and your project will shine.
Julie Molinare is a Landscape Designer living in the Santa Clarita for over 20 years. Julie taught the Introduction to Landscape Design Class at CSUN Tseng College of Extended Learning and is owner/designer of The Grass Is Always Greener Designs.
You can reach her at 661-917-3521 and visit for details.



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