Windows Versus SCV Hard Water

by | Mar 24, 2020 | Home & Garden

As water percolates through soil and rock, it dissolves naturally occurring calcium and magnesium. Water hardness is simply a measure of these dissolved minerals. Calculated in mg/L, water with hardness over 180 is considered Very Hard. Although it varies by source, Santa Clarita treated water is typically 150 mg/L which is considered Hard. Homeowners normally do not soften irrigation water which, all too often finds itself in frequent contact with our windows.
“As smooth as glass”? To the naked eye, perhaps. Glass surfaces contain microscopic crevices, jagged edges, and crenulations. When hard water is left on glass to evaporate, the minerals left behind become physically lodged in the glass structure. Over time, the layers thicken and bond to the glass. The longer the minerals remain on the glass; the more difficult to remove. Unsightly mineral deposits also coat the window frame and tracks which can impede window function and compromise seals.
Mineral stained windows can be cleaned in two ways: mechanically and chemically. There are many household remedies which are effective in removing light water spotting such as vinegar, ammonia, toothpaste, over-the-counter calcium removers, as well as abrasive pastes and pads.
However, in some cases, no amount of elbow grease will restore glass to its original clarity. Before resorting to expensive window replacement, we encourage homeowners to consult with a window cleaning professional who can significantly reduce the staining without the glass scratching and/or chemical burns often encountered by DIYers.
Window Genie uses a variety of techniques specifically designed to dissolve and remove the stain while minimizing glass damage. If hard water contact with your windows is unavoidable, regular cleaning will mitigate the mineral build-up. Window Genie’s Window Care™ program offers several cleaning frequencies with price incentives to help prevent mineral staining and prolong the life of your windows.
Window Genie of Santa Clarita can be reached at 661-568-6768. You can learn more at



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