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We just bid farewell to our great love, Forgiveness. For eleven years, he stood still for small children, he allowed our guests to hug him, he inspired victims of abuse to be strong, and underserved children to have hope. He protected the lady cows and raised the youngsters to be respectful. He was courageous, thoughtful, kind, and beloved by all who knew him.
With the worldwide pandemic, and the anger and suffering of racism in our country, there seems to be hurt everywhere. But through hurt, comes change. Through struggle, comes growth. And through the uproar, comes peace. The miracle of birth always comes with labor pains. I believe that we are called to be a better people and a better humanity. There is a lot of violence, fear, and hurt that we can focus on, but I have been trying to focus on the gifts instead. Yes, we have much to overcome still, but look at all the masses who are outraged and standing up for justice?! Millions are acknowledging that anyone’s fight is everyone’s fight, that someone’s pain is everyone’s pain, and injustice somewhere is injustice everywhere. I am so proud of us right now!
Forgiveness was a huge gift! And so are we all. Each of us have the capacity to stand up for justice, be the voice for the innocent, and give to others around us. We can be more inclusive, and more tolerant. We can be more generous and gentle. And I am taking a good look at myself trying to figure out how I can give more, love more, and care more. Because at the end of the day, it starts with us! Forgiveness gave as much as he possibly could, and in his memory, I will do the same, so I can be a gift to the world as well.
 The Gentle Barn is located in Santa Clarita. We rescue animals who are too old, too sick, too lame, or too scared to be adoptable and then partner with them to host anyone who is underserved, at risk, or who have special needs. For more info, go to and follow The Gentle Barn on Face Book, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube. You are sure to fall in love!


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