The Color And Shape Of Love

by | Jul 28, 2020 | Kids Activities

One of the most extraordinary friendships at The Gentle Barn is between our California goat, Gus and our turkey, Sun. After breakfast the two of them stand together for hours, close their eyes and seem to be in a secret conversation that only the two of them understand. Gus and Sun are both oblivious to the differences that might otherwise separate them, and instead see only their commonalities; like their gentleness, their shared past of fear and loneliness, and their mutual love of meditation and cuddling. If they were to see themselves in a mirror, I think they would be shocked, as in their minds eye, they are exactly the same, each radiating out the shape and color of love.
If animals of all kinds can ignore differences and see only what unites them, I’m thinking all of us can too! Learning from our animal ambassadors, I’m yearning for a more kind and gentle humanity where we can see clearly that all beings, human and non, are the same. It is not our bodies that describe us, it is our hearts! It is not our religion, ethnicity, gender, or species that define us, it is our souls. And it is not our individual roles in this lifetime that separate us, it is our common experience on this planet in whatever body we came with that unites us. I’m declaring my independence from eating another, hurting another, judging another, or rejecting another. It is time for love! It is indeed high time for love!
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