Flex Alerts, Power Outages And Wildfires Are Here…

by | Aug 25, 2020 | Home & Garden

Does it ever end, one challenge after another? With the demands of COVID-19, the last thing you need is the threat of Wildfires, Power outages, Flex alerts and the problems that come with all of that. With Wildfires you get power outages, and those outages will place burdens on your everyday living, and when you add an extreme HEAT-WAVE, everyday living requires a major adjustment. The electrical grid system is outdated, unsafe, and unreliable. Many of these large Wildfires generate enormous amounts of litigation towards the utility companies. Because the California grid is so large, it is estimated to take 15 to 22 years just to bring the grid into the modern world. The state of California is now forcing the utility companies to perform mandatory upgrades on the electrical grid to reduce the threat of dangerous fires starting as a result of broken or snapped power lines during high wind conditions. During high wind conditions, the state of California can force the electrical power companies to turn power off; and the electrical providers are already turning power off for scheduled upgrades and maintenance.
Now for the good news. You can get ahead of this by installing homeowner owned solar panels, backup generators, and you should consider updating your old HVAC system. While these items seem expensive, they should be considered an investment. If installed correctly, these items can pay for themselves in a reasonable time, and they can turn your expensive energy guzzling home into a high efficiency energy producer, which in time will pay you a dividend. Now is the best time to install a solar panel system, and Anco Design Build installs homeowner owned solar panel systems. When you own your solar panel system, you are producing electrical energy just like a power utility company. When you own your solar panel system, you receive 100% of the profits, you receive the Tax Credits, and you get the benefits of having increased property value. When professionally designed, your solar panel system will offset 90 to 95% of your electrical bills.
Anco Design Build has been providing energy saving solutions for your home since 1981. Our company is licensed in General Construction, Electrical, Roofing, Concrete, Landscaping, and Swimming Pools. Financing is available through Go Green Financing. We provide a free consultation for all your home improvement needs. Please give us a call at 818.299.1188 or visit us at www.ancodb.com

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