Help Your Child With a Higher IQ Score!

by | Aug 25, 2020 | Kids Activities

Do you want to help your child have a higher IQ? A long term study in Sweden at the Sahlgrenska Academy and Sahlgrenska Universtiy Hospital, involving 12 males and twins, says that being fit is the answer. Children who regularly exercised produced good heart and lung health and lung capacity. These subjects were dubbed as fit, as opposed to strength, which did not include, per se, the heart and lung health. The link seems to be the amount of oxygen getting to the brain as a result of being fit. The tests were corroborated with the twins study, showing that fitness, not just genes, shows a link with higher IQ scores. It also connected fitness to the chances of going on to higher education.
It was also very exciting to see that fitness as late as the 15 to18-year age group showed a definite rise in IQ scores, in that it is not too late to get into a fitness program to help your grades. This is at a time when we have cut physical education from our mandatory courses in most high schools, when we need our students to do well in Math and other theoretical subjects. So, if you want your child to get better grades and go to a University, often resulting in better jobs and a higher socioeconomic status, make sure they are in their PE classes, on a sports team, or doing some other form of regular, cardiovascular exercise.
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