Vote to Re-Elect Linda Storli

by | Sep 30, 2020 | Meet the Candidates

After serving 30-years as a teacher, at Canyon High I ran for the Hart School Board to serve the District in a new capacity. Now it’s five years later, I am currently serving as the Board President and I am running for re-election to the Hart School Board.
I kept every promise made from my first campaign. I stood on flat bare ground in Castaic in 2015 and as promised cut the ribbon on Castaic High School 4 years later! We opened Wellness Centers that help students cope with “things” and what would become 2020 and whatever the next years bring. I am committed to improving equity in my next term. I have put things in place to make our district the very best in California. I intend to work just as hard during my next term.
Having a teacher on the board still makes sense—there are some issues that only a teacher understands. I cherish my years being able to teach. I am not only a teacher, though; I am the grandmother of elementary school children and two granddaughters that attend Hart District High Schools.
I am dedicated to my job as trustee, I put in the time necessary to make a difference. Students are my priority. I listen and attempt to see the entire picture. I read every email I receive. I investigate the issues thoroughly and make informed decisions based on what’s best for students.
We have challenges that we will turn into opportunities for better learning and safety for our students. I will never forget November 14th nor Covid-19. Safety, fostering mental health with more training (both teachers and students) and onsite help, no cell phones in Junior High are my goals for my next term and of course, returning to “regular” school ASAP.



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