Let Us Prepare Your Home for the Future

by | Oct 26, 2020 | Home & Garden

As we leave this summer behind us and transition into the fall and all that comes with it, let us also prepare your home for the future. If 2020 has taught us anything, it’s that uncertainty is the only thing for certain. Is your home ready for your future and all that it will bring?
Whether it is planning for next summer or planning for your home in 10 years, our team of experts will create the luxurious, elegant, and functional home you have always dreamt of.
The Backyard Vacation
Think back to the days of when you were a child – when you could not wait until you could go outside to play and stayed outside until the streetlights came on. For most of us, that excitement diminished somewhere along the line, but our team at Randal G. Winter Construction can bring it back!
We can create the backyard of your dreams. You know, the one that you get butterflies in your stomach when thinking about! The one that you look forward to escaping to after work each day! We can bring the magic back to getting to go outside and ‘play’.
Although ‘playing’ may look more like relaxing now, we will create the backyard that all of your family and friends will be jealous of. From building a custom oak patio to provide shade for those summer afternoon naps, to installing a beautiful built in fire pit to relax and cook s’mores over with your grandkids, your backyard will provide you the relaxation you deserve with the excitement you have missed.
The built in BBQ and bar are sure to be the focal point for all your parties and the installation of an outdoor sink will make cleaning up from those parties a breeze! Let’s start working on your backyard now so that it is ready for you when spring and summer roll around again!
The Home to Grow In
This year, we have spent more time in our homes than ever before. If you’re like me, you have learned exactly what does not work for you in your home.
Maybe your kids can no longer share a room. Our team at Randal Winter Construction can now convert your garage to be another living space or bedroom without the requirement of adding an additional parking structure to your property. This can add square footage on to your home that will allow your family to grow up there.
We can open up the living areas to create the open floor plan that is so highly sought after. This will make hosting the entire family for the holidays an enjoyable experience. Imagine your entire family laughing and enjoying each other’s company as they visit and create memories. Our team can give you the space to be the host of every event.
Or if you prefer to focus on the relaxation rather than the entertaining, then it is time for a Master Suite makeover. You have worked hard and you deserve for your room to be the tranquil escape you sneak off to after a long day.
And if you are among the hundreds of thousands of people who had to transition to working remotely and teaching your children from home this year, then a home office is exactly what you need. We are all crossing our fingers that nothing like this ever arises again, but the home office to take your business call, respond to emails, and have your children do their homework is a space that is never wasted and always appreciated.
Our team are experts in creating elegant spaces that are both functional and fun. We understand that a home should be more than just a place to sleep and keep your belongings, but a place that is functional and allows you unwind, relax, and enjoy your time with those most important to you.
Our goal is to build your dreams into your home, so if you are dreaming about a luxury, elegance, functionality, and your future, give us a call. We can guarantee that you will love the outcome.
About Randal G. Winter Construction
Randal G. Winter Construction, Inc. has been a licensed contractor since 1980. We offer personal attention and professional construction services ranging from a kitchen, bathroom, or backyard remodel to the construction of an entirely new home. We live and work by our motto: If you can dream it, we can build it.
We encourage you to visit us online at www.rgwinter.com to see our work or call us today at (661)799-8089 to meet our team. Let’s build your dreams and turn your house into a home together.

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