Laughing with Di – December 2020

by | Nov 24, 2020 | Gifts from the Heart

Before, during and after the election process, I was tired of seeing TV maps showing “red and blue states”, though it got me thinking of all the ways we use colors.
Let’s have a laugh.
There’s red and green for Christmas, the red, white and blue of our flag, even no color is a color for stuff like chess board pieces, Oreo cookies and Jerry’s Deli black and whites.
We eat white chocolate, Neapolitan ice cream (chocolate, vanilla, strawberry), brownies, and multi-colored M&M’s. From a crayon box, we learned to pronounce exotic color names (like cerulean blue) before we learned to read. We were taught that green and yellow make blue; blue and red make purple; red and yellow make orange. Testing all of these color combos on the walls of our bedrooms, got us into hot water. We “brown bag” our lunch; get pink slips if we’re fired; have red letter days or the blues; and drive on Golden Valley Road.
We listened to Pink Floyd through rose-colored glasses (didn’t you?); we putt on the greens and change the color of our hair. Why, even Tom Brady changed his colors from Patriot red and blue to Buccaneer red and black. I can hardly find him on the field!
How about ebony and ivory, gender reveal pinks and blues. The War of the Roses was won by the white rose guys and lost by the red rose guys. We know about Snow White (good) and Black Beard (bad). We sing, “roses are red, violets are blue.” I like royal purple, heroes wear green berets, and cowards are yellow. And, most distressing to me, is the fact that many Star Trek crew members in red shirts never make it back to the ship!
It’s time for Roy G. Biv. A peaceful rainbow. No maps. Just colors that all blend together.
Happy Holidays!

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