Acting Locally and Thinking Globally – Councilman Jason Gibbs

by | Dec 28, 2020 | Community

When we achieve something big, we normally want to shout it to the mountain tops. All the hard work we put into accomplishing our goals should be known by everyone, one would think. But when it comes down to it you really just want to share that moment with the special people in your lives. When Jason Gibbs won the seat, he stopped thinking, politicking and just spent the time with the people who mattered most. “People are going through tough times, but we need to get back to caring and loving things that matter most to us,” Councilman Gibbs stated. With the COVID-19 being the main topic of conversation amongst everyone Council Gibbs reminds us that, “We should spend some time finding out what we can do to help one another.” During this year the City Council is working to find solutions and advocate for everyone. “When we hold conversations, we are working to not let the conversation turn into blaming the opposing sides,” he added.
As the newest member to local politics, Councilman Gibbs is working to understand how the Santa Clarita Valley has been so successful for the past 33 years. “As a Councilmember you want to be remembered for what you are doing outside of council meetings, I will make my mark later, but for now I want to learn how some of our values work internally: family, safety, and community,” Councilman Gibbs stated.



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