Looking Towards The Dawn – President of the Hart District Board of Trustees

by | Dec 28, 2020 | Community

Last month, Ms. Linda Storli, the immediate past President of the Hart District Board of Trustees virtually passed the torch to me to take on the role of serving as the new President of the Hart District Board of Trustees. She noted the challenges of serving as President in 2020. And while I acknowledge that 2020 has been challenging in ways we could have never imagined, it has also been a year in the Hart District where we have learned more about the needs of our students and staff than ever before.
Leading a school district of nearly 23,000 students and almost 2,000 teachers, administrators and classified staff in the midst of a pandemic has caused us to pause and look closely at the challenges that some have faced and are facing within the Hart District family. We learned about the needs of our Hart District family through seeing the need for laptops, hotspots, desks, mental health supports and yes, food. A light was shined on the extent of the inequities that exist among our students.
And while no one will argue against 2020 being a difficult and challenging year for many, it has also been a year of focusing on equity, of reducing the digital divide by increasing access to technology, a year of compassion and caring, a year of giving and a year of gratitude. I am grateful for the remarkable and amazing teachers, administrators, classified staff, students and parents and to the immediate past President of the Hart District Board Linda Storli for graciously leading us in the midst of constant change. She was the right person at the right time to lead.
I am writing this after officially becoming the new President of the Hart District Board of Trustees on December 16th. I recognize that as amazing as this is, I stand on the shoulders of those who have come before me, like Louis Elcania Brathwaite. Please look him up if you don’t know who he is. Serving in this new capacity is an honor and opportunity that I will not take likely. I have shared that it is always darkest before the dawn. 2020 has been difficult and dark, but we are heading towards the dawn in 2021. I am looking forward to what the new year will bring for the Hart District. Please know that you can always reach me by email at cmoore@hartdistrict.org. I wish you a happy and safe new year.



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