New Year, New You. Is It Time for a Hearing Aid?

by | Dec 23, 2020 | Medical

Did you know good hearing helps you focus, assists with balance, and provides positive stimulation to the brain? It’s true. Ignoring even mild hearing loss can lead to unwanted physical consequences. Think you have a good reason for not treating your hearing loss? Your reasons might not be as sound as you think.
I feel too young for hearing aids: You’re not alone! Today’s hearing aid users are comprised of mixed generations, with many being below the age of 65. Feeling young and in touch, social and active are what today’s hearing technologies are all about. They’re designed to connect you to advanced technologies like cell phones, GPS devices, and computers. So don’t let old stereotypes about hearing aids hold you back from exciting new technologies!
My hearing isn’t bad enough to need hearing aids: Dramatic new research shows ignoring any changes in you hearing can impact many different areas of your health. Even mild hearing loss raises your long-term risk for unexpected falls, Alzheimer’s, dementia, and depression.
I don’t miss that much: This is one of the most dangerous reasons people use for not treating hearing loss. It gives false comfort and allows the slow progression of a condition that isolates people from the world around them. Don’t think you’re missing much? Our free hearing aid trial might change your mind and show you just what you’re missing!
Good hearing isn’t just something that happens in your ears. It also happens in your brain and impacts whole body health.
So, don’t delay – commit to whole body health and ring in 2021 with better hearing. Call 661-250-6781 or go online to and schedule your appointment today!

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