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by | Jan 26, 2021 | Dining, Arts & Entertainment

Visit our order anywhere page and we can pick up from any retail, grocery, or restaurant not listed on our website. The delivery free is subject to change based on the location, amount and size of the items being picked up.
Restaurant Orders – Please give us 20-30 minutes for delivery. Some restaurants may prepare food in less than 10 minutes and others may take up to 40 minutes. In some cases you may want to place your delivery request with us first. Or plan ahead and pre-order from both places for a specific time!
Grocery and Retail – Please indicate what store you would like your pickup. For grocery, please pre-order the time or allow us 24 hours to schedule your shopping.
Large and Bulky Items – Please select your size truck you will need and additional options. Our drivers do not provide any labor, lifting or securing of your items beyond what is required to protect the vehicle and obey by all laws and insurance liabilities. You may be required to be there at both pickup and drop off to ensure all items are received. Please pre-order the time or allow us 24 hours to schedule your delivery.
To start your order today go to www.wegoscv.com.


We are Still In This Together!

We are Still In This Together!

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