Dry Eyes Are a Nuisance!

by | Feb 24, 2021 | Medical

The Santa Clarita Valley is plenty hot and dry! The lack of humidity causes many to suffer from dry eye syndrome, even unknowingly. The symptoms of dry eye syndrome commonly include the fluctuating vision, chronic redness, a sandy or gritty sensation, excess mucous discharge and surprisingly, excess tearing. Many sufferers note that their vision gets blurry and improves with blinking. It is also common to note blurry vision when working on the computer for a long stretch of time. Tears are not just made of water. Tears are a mixture of water, oil and mucin which are produced in different glands around the eye. Most people experience some degree of dry eye syndrome as they get older.
There is more help available now for dry eye syndrome than ever before! Every person is different and what works for one will not necessarily work for another. Many people have heard of Restasis, which is a prescription drop for dry eyes. There is finally a competitor to Restasis called Xiidra which is now being advertised on television. Many patients who have not experienced a benefit from Restasis have found Xiidra to be quite helpful. Shire, the manufacturer of Xiidra is offering a free one month trial of this prescription medication. If you are suffering from dry eyes it wouldn’t hurt to give this medication a try. If the occasional use of a lubricant drop is not giving you enough relief, a thorough evaluation is needed to see if you have dry eye syndrome and customize a treatment for you. At Helm Vision Group we have treatment options that are uniquely available and very effective such as IPL treatment for dry eye syndrome. IPL (Intense Pulse Light) has been a godsend to patients for whom prescription eye drops or other remedies have been inadequate.
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