What Is a Dental Bridge?

by | Feb 24, 2021 | Medical

A dental bridge is a permanent fixed device that replaces missing teeth. These artificial teeth literally bridge the gap between remaining teeth. Bridges may be placed on your own natural teeth, on implants or on a combination of both. You cannot take it out of your mouth without professional help. There are different types of bridges. We will recommend you the most appropriate variant depending on the location of the missing tooth (or teeth) and its condition.
Traditional Bridge
Traditional dental bridge features two crowns placed on the teeth on each side of the gap and an artificial tooth or teeth in between. Two teeth that anchor the bridge are called abutment teeth while the artificial teeth are called pontics. Traditional bridges are the most common type of brides; they are usually made of porcelain-fused-to-metal or ceramics.
Cantilever Bridge
There is a situation when abutment tooth is available only on one side of the bridge. In this case, the dentist uses the so-called cantilever bridge. With the cantilever bridge, the dentist applies the same amounts of crowns, but different bridge layout. Two abutment crowns are fused together on the same side of missing teeth space with the pontic on the end. Sometimes, only one crown can be enough, depending on how much support the bridge needs.
Maryland Bridge
Maryland bridge (also called a resin-bonded bridge) is made up of a set of artificial teeth bonded by special wings. The wings are bonded to the supporting teeth instead of being attached by crowns. Maryland bridges are usually used for missing front teeth that experience less stress from chewing and biting.
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