SRD Straightening Reins Offers Info on Signs of Mental Health Issues to Watch For & How You Can Help Your Child

by | Mar 25, 2021 | Education


Children can experience the same Mental Health issues that adults do, but they can show up in different ways. Keep an eye out for these identifiers & know what to do to help your child:
Persistent sadness — two or more weeks
Withdrawing from or avoiding social interactions
Hurting oneself or talking about hurting oneself
Talking about death or suicide
Outbursts or extreme irritability
Out-of-control behavior that can be harmful
Drastic changes in mood, behavior or personality
Changes in eating habits
Difficulty sleeping
Frequent headaches or stomachaches
Difficulty concentrating
Avoiding or missing school
You see, some may seem like you couldn’t possibly miss that sign, and others….you may consider a phase that the child is going through. Read each one again, is your child exhibiting any of the signs?
Realize that the most common ones in children are Anxiety, ADHD, Autism, Eating Disorders, PTSD, and, yes, Schizophrenia.
Acting early if you see any signs can be a life changing thing for your child. If you do suspect, even if it’s just a fleeting wonder….talk to your child’s doctor about the things that seem different with your son or daughter. Talk to their teacher, close friends, relatives, caregivers, anyone that may have seen a change in your child’s behavior & provide this information to the physician.
What next? How do they diagnose? They may include all or some of these:
Complete medical exam
History of physical or emotional trauma
Family history of physical and mental health
Timeline of child’s developmental progress
Academic history
Interview with parents
Conversations with and observations of the child
Standardized assessments and questionnaires for child and parents
And, of course, how are they treated & what do you do to help your child progress & cope with being diagnosed with a mental illness. Medication & traditional Therapy are most common. But Equine Therapy may be the perfect fit for your child. The experiences that it provides can sometimes teach your child so much more than traditional therapy and if it possibly avoids medication, are you for that?
Wondering how you too can cope with their diagnosis, and how to help your child to the fullest? Learn from the professionals, join a group, talk to people that are experiencing the same situation/diagnosis. Definitely find ways to enjoy, love and have fun with your child. Remember to praise your daughter or son for all their successes, no matter how small, they are still a success. Point out their strengths & be sure to admire them for their special abilities too. Don’t forget to work with their school to see what help & services your child may be able to get from them as well.
It may seem like an extremely long road ahead for your child & for you…..but, it’s worth taking. Your child will thank you. You will thank yourself.
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