Tick Talk, It’s Time for Ticks!

by | Mar 25, 2021 | Pet Services

California is a great place for ticks to thrive since temperate climates don’t force them to go dormant in the winter. Taking walks at Central park or Placerita Canyon Nature Center are some of the great joys of living in Santa Clarita but you don’t want to come back from the park with extra eight-legged pets!
A common misconception about ticks is that they jump onto their host from trees. Ticks are actually incapable of jumping; they just don’t have the anatomy for it. A tick will spend his night curled up in some leaf litter to absorb moisture. When the day begins, the tick climbs up a bush, never more than three feet in the air and starts waving around his two front legs. The legs have sensors that detect host odors and carbon dioxide. When a host walks by, the tick drops onto them. In an animal, the tick burrows his head under the host’s skin and begins feed-ing. Left undisturbed, it will drink for 3-14 days before dropping off.
It is essential to remove a tick as soon as you find it. You must remove the head with the tick, because many diseases are found in the tick’s saliva. If you are not confident, have your doctor or vet help you. An excellent product to help keep ticks off a human is Deep Woods Off. A varie-ty of excellent and satisfying tick-killing products for pets are available from your vet.
It may be tempting to purchase the pet tick treatments that are available over the counter at the supermarket. Be forewarned however that these products have been shown to be much less efficient than the products that are available from your vet. Also, it is extremely important that you NEVER use a product that is formulated for a dog on a cat, as doing so could end up being a fatal mistake.
If you have any further questions about tick control and prevention, please call us at Copper Hill Animal Clinic where we would be happy to help you further: (661) 296-8848.


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