Experience JOY in the Performing Arts

by | May 1, 2021 | Kids Activities

Educators point out many positive outcomes of the Performing Arts in a child or teen’s curriculum. A favorite: students that play a musical instrument or sing receive better grades and score higher on exams. Another favorite: Young people who play musical instruments, sing or perform in structured settings tend to be less likely to experiment with drugs or commit crimes. Both favorites are great! But there are more perks of the Performing Arts with ALL ages. The Performing Arts in anyone’s life with the proper coaching from instructors (AND parents!) help to build self-esteem and confidence. The qualities help anyone cope with challenges and success in life.
I pray everyone should have an opportunity to be involved with the Performing Arts, be encouraged and most of all be respected for their attempt and progress. Folks of any age can be intimidated by participating in the arts, especially in front of others. Often, I hear people describe themselves as ‘tone deaf’, or that they don’t have ‘the gift’ or talent. But then I hear them say, “I wish I could sing, play an instrument, act and/or dance. Then they refrain from trying because of an overwhelming certainty that they could not make anything “good.”
The reality is even talented people experience barriers in performing and nobody is exempt from experiencing limitations. Further- you don’t need to achieve an advanced technical level to experience the joy of creativity in the Performing Arts. JUST DO IT! You will feel wonderful when you take the opportunity to experience joy and personal growth in the arts- no matter what level.
The success of education depends upon cooperation between teacher, student, and parent. VIBE Performing Arts endeavors to help all students experience excitement and dedication necessary to help them succeed in life as well as on stage. For more information, visit www.VIBEscv.com or call 661-255-7464..

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